Access Point #: MU.K.C.1.Pa.a

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Related Benchmarks

Name Description
MU.K.C.1.1: Respond to music from various sound sources to show awareness of steady beat.
e.g., steady beat, pulse
MU.K.C.1.2: Identify various sounds in a piece of music.
e.g., vocal/instrumental timbres, environmental sounds
MU.K.C.1.3: Identify, visually and aurally, pitched and unpitched classroom instruments.
e.g., rhythm sticks, woodblock, xylophone, metallophone, autoharp
MU.K.C.1.4: Identify singing, speaking, and whispering voices.

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5003010: Dance - Grade Kindergarten
5010200: Theatre - Grade Kindergarten
5013060: Music - Grade Kindergarten
7713020: Access Music Grade Kindergarten
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